http://www.neverquiet.co.uk/22661-indulekha-hair-oil-price-in-india.html Helen Parlor / Parlor Dance offer various bespoke educational and artistic workshop programmes to suit the majority of needs. These include:

  • One off skills workshops exploring: https://mail.parkbarnyc.com/63962-seretide-inhaler-price.html contemporary dance and dance theatre techniques (release techniques, floor work, low based shifting work, character work and body integration techniques.)
  • Choreographic residencies with a focused group of individuals. The company and artistic director can work with the absolute beginner to the professional including groups with particular needs and focuses. These residencies will focus on a performance outcome as the end result. The company can work with various stimuluses including site specific work, collaboration with other artists and working with a specific need and outcome.
  • Professional class and creative practice. The company can offer dynamic classes as part of a professional development programme accompanied with creative practice to aid an artist’s self development.
  • Placements and mentoring. The company offers various placements to students and artists who approach the company with a specific need and desire to develop in artistically and professionally. Helen Parlor also mentors individual artists on a regular basis.

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